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    Podquat plans to release records in the near future. We're gonna do it the old fashioned way. That means we're doing vinyl pressings and compact discs for our favorite artists. We'll do some digital stuff too. We don't care if you like it.

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    A lot of people send us their albums or recordings. We listen to them and wade through the waves of nonsense, all so you don't have to. We're killin' it; take our word for it.


    We get invited to special or limited screenings for a ton of films, from major studio blockbusters to indie darlings. We won't waste your time. We'll only tell you about the outstanding ones.


    Yes, it's true, we get invited to a lot of soft openings and private events at restaurants and clubs. We don't attend them all, but we take an extra moment to tell you what night life spots are worth your time and skrilla.


    Don't know much about technology? Don't worry; we do. Just ask us. Seriously, whether it's the latest, greatest gadget to simplify your life, a website for your new project, or just tech support from someone not straight out of an SNL skit, we got you covered.

  • Privacy Policy

    We respect your privacy. For real. And we do everything in our power to keep our data and your data away from prying eyes.

    Podquat does not agree with the unilateral violation of individual privacy by governments and corporations, with or without consent. And companies that cave to government pressure by giving up this information willingly should be ashamed. Really, people.

    Basically, don't trip. We hold your privacy in high regard.

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    Austin, Texas.
    Telephone:+1 657 444 7784

  • More

    Podquat plans to roll out a host of new projects in the coming months. We believe in creating a culture of community with the people we like, using the tools at our disposal.

    Stay tuned for more, coming soon. Maybe we'll even have some funny t-shirts or mugs or something for you to laugh at.

    If you've got an idea that you think Podquat should do, or you would like to contribute in your own way, let us know. We're not mind-readers. Yet.

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